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Animal Crossing: City Folk and Wii Speak
« on: July 16, 2008, 07:56:02 PM »
The third installment in the Animal Crossing series was announced at E3. The title is called "Animal Crossing: City Folk". One of the main new features that differs from the rest of the title in this series is the "downtown" you can now visit. You can change hairstyles, visit Gracie, or even change your character to have a face like your Mii. Wi-Fi compatability confirmed.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is also confirmed to have compatability with WiiSpeak, which allows you to talk with your friends over Wi-Fi on the game, while they are visiting your town. WiiSpeak is most likely to become the voice chat for most online games on Wii now.

In your town:
In the museum:
New Character:
AC Boy:
AC Girl:
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