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E3 Developer Roundtable
« on: July 16, 2008, 10:12:07 PM »
More information was given on the three Key titles from E3 (Wii Sports Resort, Wii Music, and Animal Crossing: City Folk) at a conference today at 6PM PST.

News about Animal Crossing
New events: One for Easter and a Carnival.
Stuff in the city: Hair Salon, theater, Happy Room Academy Office. City is also shared with friends, you can interact indirectly.
Apparently, designing clothes can be much more in-depth (designing back & sleeves). You can also take pictures, and send them to the Wii Message Board or to friends. You can also import your character from Wild World.
Downloadable content was also confirmed.

Wii Sports Resort News
In swordfighting, you block with B.
You will have to buy more Motionpluses to play simultaneous games.
Approximately 10 minigames in final version.
Team from Wave Race 64 is working on Waterskiing portion. Miyamoto thinks this waterskiing will "surpass Wave Race in depth".

Wii Music News
60+ instruments in final version of the game.
You can re-arrange the music, record a music video and send it to friends over Nintendo WFC.
Game will have lessons to teach how to play drums. They hope to get more kids interested in music.
50 songs in-game, no digital distribution.

Also, at the end of the conference, it was added that Pikmin is in the works for Wii.


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