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New PS3 Bundle coming next week
« on: May 29, 2009, 09:27:34 PM »
Quote from: Kotaku
Buy a PlayStation 3 next week and you might just get a free copy of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete on Blu-ray as part of a new bundle for Sony's console.

While not yet officially announced, GameStop locations are receiving copies of the Blu-ray movie based on Final Fantasy VII with instructions to stuff them inside PlayStation 3 boxes. Priced at $399.99 USD, the bundle is designed to move existing PS3 hardware with an 80GB hard drive. It doesn't apply to the 160GB version and won't feature an all-new package.

This appears to be a short-lived promotion, as GameStop employee communication reads "There are no hard bundles coming at a later date. This is a one time only pack-in by stores offer to boost sales" on the PS3 80GB units.

The bundle will go on sale Tuesday, June 2nd, the day of Sony's E3 press conference—and Advent Children Complete's street date. Whether this is due to be announced at the company's keynote is unknown, but this sounds like this might be a GameStop only promotion—employees who have contacted Kotaku with the information believe otherwise.

Best Buy is also rumored to get its own PlayStation 3 bundle soon, which may mean that Sony has more plans to push the console at its current price for a while longer.

Source: Kotaku
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