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Sending news tips!
« on: December 14, 2013, 06:01:14 PM »
Want to submit news to the site? Here's how to do it!

We technically don't have a news tip system atm, so we have decided that right now, the best way to do it will be the following.

Steps below:

1) Choose any of the following people to submit the news tip to:


2) Click on Send PM in their profile.

3) Really important step here! In the subject part of the PM, you must write "News tip". It has to be the first thing in that part, you can add something else afterwards, like a small description of the news tip if you want, but that "News tip" part must be there first of all.

4) Type what the news is about and a source in your message.

5) Click on "Send message" and..

You're done! :D (You were expecting "profit!" right? :P )

As the news team grows, I'll be updating this thread too.

Just PM me atm. :P

Just PM me or post it in the appropriate board. If you did the latter and it's news worthy, I'll pick it up and post it soon.
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