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Welcome to the new forum!
« on: June 30, 2011, 04:53:34 PM »
And the upgrade of the forums has finally finished and it's a success, of course. ;) Sorry about the wait, but I wanted to make sure it went all perfectly fine. And well, it's here! No errors and most of the important features are available.

For now, as you've noticed the theme has been reset to the new default one of SMF. Unfortunately, the old themes from NM didn't work anymore with the new version, but don't worry, they'll soon be upgraded and available again. I'll be starting with the version 3 one and then the v2 and v1 will follow.

As for features, there are new features for both members and moderators/administrators. (Yeah, even I will have new stuff to play with, :P ) Sadly, some features had to go (for the moment, though). The important and functional are here, and work properly.

Stuff missing currently are the Shoutbox, Arcade, and the Super Profile. But all other features that we had before are already in, including the Awards, and also some other new ones, like being able to put your 3DS Friend Code on your profile.

Happy posting and enjoy it! :D
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