Author Topic: Site updated! 3 more sections now open!  (Read 4763 times)

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Site updated! 3 more sections now open!
« on: January 17, 2013, 12:07:02 AM »
Hooray for updates! :D

You can now access three more sections of the site. The first and most simple one, you can now see about the current staff of the site. Who does what things, and links to their profiles.

Next, the music section is now open and with the soundtrack from the first two games available for download.

And last but not least at all, the section for Makenro Challenge is now open with details about the Makeruna! Makendou fangame that is being developed at the moment and which I hope can be released soon, possibly around the 20th anniversary of the franchise, which also wanted to mention, is happening the next week. Wanted to point out also that community member, McKnight, is also planning on something for the anniversary, which of course we'll cover here too when that day arrives.
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