Author Topic: The art and artist have been found! (Site still in hiatus)  (Read 4357 times)

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The art and artist have been found! (Site still in hiatus)
« on: April 20, 2015, 02:37:07 AM »
The search for the old fan art has succeeded! I'm honestly quite surprised since it was quite a while since I made the last news post here. But look what I received some hours ago:

Yup, that's a tweet from the artist who made that fan art of Makeruna! Makendou.  And here's a link to the full size download of the image. That image together with a few others will be shared in the future in a Fan Art section.

The artist, TheNightStar, also mentioned that he created a cool 8-bit remix of the first stage of Makeruna! Makendou, Cliff Hanger, which you can listen to it here. (If you have trouble hearing it, I'll get it mirrored soon and link to it here too).
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