Author Topic: HomePass - Turn Your Wireless Router Into a Clone Nintendo Zone Access Point  (Read 5660 times)

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This is really handy for StreetPass Relay, a Nintendo update for 3DS systems that allows StreetPasses over the internet through approved hotspots.

Here's a setup guide for HomePass:
Spreadsheet with all the info you need to set this up
The setup (use the SSID/AP mentioned in the spreadsheet instead of "_The Cloud" as it mentions)

Some home networking knowledge is required to set this up without a hitch. The router you choose to use for HomePass will need its stock firmware overwritten with custom firmware from DD-WRT that is compatible with your router, if any exist for your router. That is a whole different setup from HomePass. The link to HomePass assumes you have a router with DD-WRT installed. It is recommend you use a different wireless router than the one you use regularly. In my case, I had an old WRT54G (v6) going unused so I transformed that into a clone Nintendo Zone access point. I turned off the DHCP server of the WRT54G so that way it utilizes the DHCP from the parent router instead; the one I use regularly (my XFINITY TC8305C modem/router). This hotspot will need to be wired to your parent router in some fashion once finished with the setup (slot one of WRT54G connected to a slot of the TC8305C).

It is possible to do this with other methods besides wireless routers. Read the Config Tutorials for more information how to set that up.

I have successfully been able to trick my 3DS into getting StreetPass data from around the world from the comfort of my home. My StreetPass Mii Plaza data, such as completing Find Mii II and swapping puzzle pieces, have been stagnant with progress for months as my usual StreetPasses were from other 3DS users within my radius. My first test got 6 people from Canada, Scotland, Brazil, and from various states in the United States! To maximize your Streetpasses and reap the benefits of that StreetPass data for each game, make sure to change the MAC clone wireless address and SSID/AP (usually doesn't change unless specified by the spreadsheet). Also be sure to claim the StreetPass data because the game limits how many at once you can hold between claimings (SSB for 3DS is 12, Mario Kart 7 is 10, and StreetPass Mii Plaza is 10).

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I already knew about this and really want to do it one of these days. I wish setting it up would be simpler, though. :P I guess the easiest method would be playing around with an old router, like you pointed out.
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