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Duck Tales Remastered Reviews
« on: August 22, 2013, 09:25:44 AM »
As a 90’s child I’ve had a Duck Tales image in my head since I can remember. This was one of my very favorite shows growing up. I even remember the Duck Tales movie.

Last week while looking for something new to play, and this was a very nice surprise, found Duck Tales ready to download on the Nintendo E Shop.

I started playing right after it finished downloading on my Wii U and then the music started, it was just as I remembered, I was 7 years old again.

This NES game remake features the surviving original voice cast, including Scrooge's original voice actor Alan Young. CAPCOM, you are doing it right!

Uncle Scrooge discovers his vault breached by The Beagle Boys and while fighting each of them he finds a secret treasure map; I got to confess this one got me overly excited, since it was just like the Duck Tales Movie.

The Map shows up, and you get to travel to different destinations, secure treasures and fight villians. Who would have thought that Uncle Scrooge could be such a hero.

You can see a little more of the game in this trailer, and even remember a little of your childhood with the music. Hope you like it as I am.

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