Author Topic: Mighty No. 9 controversy with their community manager  (Read 1573 times)

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Mighty No. 9 controversy with their community manager
« on: January 02, 2014, 05:01:30 PM »
I have been investigating and keeping a close look at a controversy and loads of complaints regarding the Comcast Kickstarter Project Mighty No 9 community manager.

We have been covering Mighty No 9 in the blog since it started and I am personally excited to see this tribute to Mega Man soon in action, also in Smash Bro’s hitting the stores next year.

It took me awhile to actually read and check most of the blogs and sites that has been covering this, since there is no actual evidence on the social media oficial accounts anymore.

Houston we have a problem!
As I have read in many blogs and gaming sites, they are especulating that the gaming community is raged with the company for hiring a woman; when the problem is that this girl didn’t researched and has very little knowledge about the Mega Man franchise and their fans.

It amases me that most sites are covering this with that output, being a girl in this gaming community. I think we are beyond sexism and we girls do have our saying in this community too. I have been fighting this situation since I can recall and I consider myself a habid and loyal player.

Most headlines are refering to this situation as a “female outrage” as if that was the real problem, hiring a woman; when in fact Mighty No. 9 team has a female working for them and is quite happy about it too; Manami Matsumae, who previously composed for the Mega Man franchise, is now composing the music for the upcoming Mighty No. 9.

Let’s hope the situation gets cleared and that the very expected Comcast Project finds another community manager, one who’s a true fan. I am sure people would be lining up to have this job, I would.

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