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Nintendo 2DS
« on: August 28, 2013, 11:18:38 AM »
So I was looking for news and got this one today. Looks like Nintendo is releasing a new portable gaming console: Nintendo 2DS.

You'll be able to read 3DS games but in only two dimensions. Nope it's not April's fool or anything, this one is pretty much real.

Nintendo 2DS will hit the stores on October 12th in the United States and will cost $129. Multiplayer and online options will still be a part of this portable console, and read too the DS cartridge.

I have to confess I play most games without the 3D effect, for it makes me a little dizzy. I'll be waiting for October!

A few differences

- uses an internal rechargeable battery
- battery is in-line with other company handhelds
- charges with the same AC adapter used for 3DS systems
- comes with a 4GB memory card
- built-in speaker is mono, but features stereo headphone jack

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