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N Masters is looking for staff!
« on: April 17, 2014, 07:30:38 PM »
Hello world of N Masters, and all you interweb heads that read this!  This is your friendly neighborhood GMod Shiiku here.

As we are currently continuing our efforts to help this site grow back into the bustling community it once was, we are also currently looking for the much needed help that will bring life back here as well.  Link-NM and myself are currently working on just about all jobs and positions for the forum at the moment.  Though the forum is not huge enough yet to panic over a lack of extra helping hands, it is still nonetheless, an effort for us both to try and juggle all positions on the site.

So, without further ado, and as the title of this topic states, we are currently looking for and accepting newcomers who wish to help with either of these positions:

An artist for the site - Your job will entail any hand drawn and/or digitally drawn art for N Masters.  The most apparent one now is art for our mascot, Rie.  You will basically be asked to draw up anything on the site that requires drawn art.
Requirements: Someone who loves art, and in particular can draw anime styled art.  Someone who has been working with art for a good amount of time.
- Taken! ~Link-NM

Three news reporters/posters - Your jobs will be to get the most up to date news posted up as soon as possible after its announce.  The bigger the news story, the more prompt should it be posted up.  You will all work together as a team with one being the head.
Requirements:Peoples that know where and how to find their news, love researching and reporting it, and have the general knowledge on how to make a decent news post.

Next bit of info; requirements.  If you do not meet three or more of the requirements listed below, please do not consider applying.

Requirements (Please read carefully):

1 - That you can juggle both real life, as well as your position on the forum.
We perfectly understand that this is no real life crisis if you cannot for personal or urgent reasons, not be able to be here and do as you applied for.  Real life comes first, as do family and friends and their needs.  All we are looking for is someone who can juggle both, and will be able to stick to their responsibilities here on the site.  If your current life situations or position requires more time of you, then applying may not work out too well for both you and us at the moment.

2 - That you tackle responsibilities continuously, and preferably without having to be reminded.
We need members who will do what their position title asks of them, without us having to be the broken record of reminding them of their tasks.  No procrastination wanted.  Please be honest with yourself on how you tackle work.

3 - That you will stick around for a while.
For those of you who will come and go for no good reasons, applying may not be in yours, nor our best interest.  First of all we need people who will truly love the position they apply for.  We are looking for members who will stay on the team for a good period of time.  Of course, if for reasons stated in #1 you cannot maintain your position it would be perfectly understandable that you need to step down.  What we don't want to see is that one month your active, then next month you're absent, and so on.

4 - That you will also be an active member of the community.
It's great that you are willing to help the site grow by your knowledge and talents, but do remember that there is also a community, or one that we're trying to form at least, that you should not feel shy about interacting with.  You're not just a robotic artist or news poster programmed to do only one thing.  And we don't bite.  Just make yourself at home here.

5 - That you keep communication open and at easy access.
It helps us greatly when you tell us what's going on or what will go on.  Leaving us to guess whether or not you've been abducted by aliens, or some other extremely exaggerated scenario really makes for frustrating times.  If you're confused, tell us.  If you're unsure about anything, let us know.  Advice, need to tell us you'll be away, can't do something for any reasons, spill the beans.  It helps both you and us out, as well as the community.

I know this may seem a little extreme, or over thought, done, etc.  However, we thought coming up with general requirements would help us find the right person(s).  Again, please read carefully all that is stated above, and if you do not meet three or more of the requirements above, do not consider applying.  Consider applying when you have.

Also, last but not least, we need people who will truly enjoy their positions.  This is not about joining to gain a glory title on the forum or to be something special.  It's to do what you love best and may be good at, and a willingness to help us out.  I cannot stress honesty enough here.

If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, and feel that you have met the requirements necessary, please register and PM Link-NM.  If you are an artist you will be asked to provide an example art sketch.  Link-NM will alert you of anything else he may need from you via the PM.

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps us out.  It's going to be greatly appreciated, more than you know.  And last but not least, have fun guys and girls!~
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