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Welcome to N Masters v4 beta!
« on: July 14, 2014, 08:54:23 PM »
Welcome to the new N Masters v4!

The new version of N Masters is here, and still 100% ad free! :D

As it was announced a few days ago, I was going to reorganize N Masters on both the site and the forum. The forum was finished around those same days, but the cleaning up of the main site was just starting. And the final result is what you are seeing now. :)

You have a nice top menu navigation that lets you easily access any section of the site. And if you scroll down, it actually follows you. ;) There's also one side bar to tell you about the current community events, like our MK8 Weekly Tournament, you also have the two upcoming release dates, like before and a direct link to our Tweets and our Google+ page.

Oh, and quick links to all stuff on the site is also available on the footer part. ;)

"But Link-NM, what about mobile users?" Got you covered there too. :D The site is completely responsive and will reformat itself if you access it from a mobile device. You can even test it out from desktop/laptop by resizing your current window.

Now onto the content. We are going start things off by still keep providing you with the latest news about Nintendo but we are also going to provide you with quality reviews in our new Reviews section. You can access it from the navigation menu at the top. And to set things off with a good start, there's a new review of Mario Kart 8 now available for you to check out. ;)

As pointed out in the title of this announcement, this is still a beta version of our v4. While the basic design will stay, there may be a few retouches still done on the site and design to make your experience even better and fun.

On the community side of things, we still have our Forum to interact together, we also still have the Arcade section in which you can play games and go for high scores or challenge other users. But we are also going to have several contests and tournaments between the community. Remember the Mii Creation Contest? It's coming back. :D And be assured these events will definitely not be limited to doing stuff in-game. There will also be stuff that just happens inside here, how about a contest to design Rie's next winter clothes? ;)

Having said all that, let me welcome you all again to the new v4 of N Masters! ;D (still beta, remember. :P )
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