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« on: July 26, 2011, 12:40:06 PM »
Elsword is an awesome online game that is free to play. It's similar to Grand Chase in the sense of gameplay, but that's because it's the same company behind both.

Elsword, though, features more action and variety than Grand Chase. It is also said to be the sequel of Grand Chase. In my opinion, I would say that Elsword is even more similar to Smash Bros. than Grand Chase, as there are also more combos and different strategies needed for enemies.

For gameplay, I overall would say it's a 2.5D game, like how Smash Bros. is. The game offers dungeons and also PvP mode. The game also has a story which you will be discovering as you clear the Story quests. Besides that, there are also some Standard quests which act like sidequests.

And yeah, there's also a an option for making a guild. You can join the N Masters guild by looking for it in the Board that is available in every town or by searching for another member that is in the guild already, like me, for example. Our guild is called "NMasters".
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