Author Topic: (Almost confirmed) Rumor: Roy (FE) and Ryu (Street Fighter) confirmed as DLC  (Read 1699 times)

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3 reliable sources have now confirmed that the latest patch data for Super Smash Bros. 3DS includes specific music files related to Lucas, already confirmed as DLC, but also for Roy, from Fire Emblem, and the most surprising one, Ryu, from Street Fighter. It started with a 3DS hacker on Smash Reddit but later got confirmed by The Cutting Room Floor and another hacker.

There's other interesting files in the patch data which I can upload later if you want. The Street Fighter files can be heard here:

It's four sources now that confirm this data is being pushed in the latest 3DS update.

And to add to it, two of the files found were also music for a new Kirby stage, and as of this patch, you can actually fight against the Kirby characters in Battlefield too instead of the usual Kirby stage while playing in Classic mode. You can test this yourself. (They are using Battlefield as a placeholder, it seems)
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