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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

The third addition to the Smash Bros. franchise. Brawl was the most anticipated Wii game for years, and weather you're a veteran fighter or a newcomer, the game holds new fun experiences and play. From the first announcement of it's installment to finally being out on store shelves, Brawl has and continued to please. Our favorite, both old and classically new characters make an appearance in the game, each with their own unique background and fighting style. Basically fighting/competitive based, the game is quite similar to that of Melee. However, it also houses an action packed side- scrolling adventure, Wi-Fi play, the amazing addition of the 'Final Smashes' and much, much more!

Game play
Overall, the games controls are considerably smoother than that of Melee's. The controls are sensitive yet firm; thus making it easier to stay on contact with the opponent. While playing with the GC controller, it is safe to note that there really isn't much difference as if you were playing Melee. However, using the WiiMote + Nunchuck can make for quite a difference. The controls are something to get use too at first play. While not necessarily being uncomfortable, this newer controller choice may need some time to warm up too; especially with being a newcomer to the Smash series itself. But being released on the Wii with the virtual play now available, using the WiiMote + Nunchuck should definitely be given a try. And for some, it may no doubt be used as the only controller choice to use while playing Brawl.

Well, the game as we know is fighting based, and a story off of that alone really hasn't much of a background to tell. However, the 'Subspace Emissary' adventure mode makes up for that! This mode allows for action play in a world of all different sorts. It step-by-step introduces each character into the game, showing some insight to who they are and where they come from. Each character has a special task or obstacle to take care of, all leading up to the same enemy/end. Subspace Emissary has enemies that are also both new and old. But yes, the feeling after about an hour's play can feel repetitive. You go through different places with different faces, but it is basically cut through the small baddies to get to the end, and then start it over again. But even though it can seem like that, the cut scenes are a bit rewarding and fun to watch, as some even have a comical touch. :)

The graphics are really very beautifully done. Not much to disappoint over. The cinematic parts are done gracefully and looks smooth and neat most of the time. The characters are an absolute upgrade from Melee with the smallest details noticed. (Even down to the rivets on apparel) The foregrounds/backgrounds of given areas are mostly textures and usually repeat. But the arenas you battle in have enough change to keep the eye pleased.

Let me start off by saying that Brawl music is absolutely gorgeous! The soundtrack for the different stage plays and battles, to the adventure mode hold both a heroic and epic feel. The music in no way repeats itself from the past. Each track is revised nicely into a new and memorable way. Music really gives and determines the 'mood' in this game. From the final boss battle that gives you the feeling of absolute domination, to the relaxed and enjoyed feeling of playing in Mushroomy Kingdom, the soundtrack really puts a "mood" on you. The best game music of any I have ever played with or researched on! The character voices are done great as well with the sound effects made by each individual attack with what goes on. And well, even though the sounds are basically repetitive and the same for most attacks, it by no means gets annoying to hear or under the skin. The sound effects are music to the ears, and never seem to bother me at all. Really, I never even noticed all this until this very moment of reviewing when recalling all of the matches I've played. XD Basically, life exists to the motions and actions made. Also, really neat that when selecting a character using the WiiMote, you can here a quick voice acting from the WiiMote's speaker.

Single Player
Single player mode is pretty simplified. Some different choices of single-player mode - the Subspace Emissary and any stage match with the computer. At times I will admit that single-player mode can be more exciting! From making you're own rules to just having a casual battle. For me, things like Target Smash and the Events are my favorite part of the single-player game. What can be said; a lot more choices available when playing alone.

Multi player
First off, multi player with this game IMO would be a lot more fun just to play locally with others compared to the Wi-Fi battles. It really is great fun to multi play in Brawl. Endless epic battles and just great all over fun with you're favorite characters, stages, and such. Up to four players can participate both locally and in Wi-Fi play. However, Wi-Fi can be described as a bit...slow. While it is still over the top fun, lag really puts a damper on the game play. It's harder to control characters and even to simply pick-up an item can take a 5-minute struggle. Connection can at times be lost too, but it doesn't really happen all that often. I would suggest playing the battles with local family/friends before recommending Wi-Fi action. It's still fun to try and definitely should be given a go. But, it can easily loose it's flavor with not being able to "properly" finish a match.

There really is quite a massive amount to unlock or collect in Brawl. Even after completing the Adventure mode there is still so much to look up. The unlockables can be found by doing Basic Brawls, Events, Wi-Fi battles, completion of the Subspace Emissary, or winning victory over certain character(s). IMO, nicely rewarding at times. At other points, maybe not so much. But overall, the secrets aren't difficult to unlock and are definitely worth gaining.

Replay Value
Over all, the game has enough to come back too. Even after you have unlocked all secrets, the basic Brawl with countless different options is still enough to bring any devoted player back. And even though you may not feel a need to enter the Adventure mode again, the Stadium and/or Events will keep calling you back. The games' soundtrack alone would be enough to bring me back around every now and then! XD With a total of 37 characters, Brawl has enough in that to keep the fun going with you're friends forever! As well as many creative customizations are possible, the stage builder could be endless. A "weak soul" may find it hard to approach again, but there certainly is enough to keep you're head spinning.

In all, Brawl is a must get game for both the devoted Smash fans and newcomers. Out of the three, Brawl definitely takes the seat in being the most competitive. Proof that Nintendo still has it, Brawl is truly one of the Wii's finest!


Gameplay 9.5 Singleplayer 9
Story 8.6 Multiplayer 8.5
Graphics 9.7 Unlockables / Secrets 9.8
Sound 10 Replay Value 9
Overall Score