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bit Generations: Soundvoyager Review

(Please note this is an old review adapted to our new system)

Soundvoyager is part of the second set of Bit Generations games for Gameboy Advance. These titles have very simple ideas but are entretaining and fun. Soundvoyager is a game completely based on sounds.


Simple and good, the controls are easy to learn. You mostly will use the "L" and "R" buttons to move left and right, respectively. Sometimes, "A" may be used for accelerating. The interesting part of the game, is that there are nearly no graphics. You control a little dot and most of the stages will consist in trying to catch sounds as they are coming. You need to listen carefully so that you can align with the positions of the sounds. There is a sound wave at the top of the screen which can also help you to align correctly.


Simple graphics made based on the age of NES. There are almost no graphics, just the dot that you control, and a starred background.


Music and sounds really match with the game and it's catchy as you collect sounds and they begin to form music.


The game's stages are divided as you progress. Most stages will at the end will have two different sounds to catch. This decision will will affect which will be the next level that you unlock.


This game doesn't have any multiplayer mode.


No interesting unlockables are in this game, just the different stages that you get as you are clearing the game.

Fun/Reply Value

Soundvoyager will be a game that you'll definitly play for a certain amount of time, mainly due to it's new interesting gameplay. After that, you may probably pick it up to play something that doesn't take long to start or end, thanks to how simple, quick, and fun the gameplay is.

Bit-Generation games are short, simple and fun. They can be easily picked up and played right from the start and the controls are easy. If you have some extra money and not planning to buy anything soon, I would recommend you to import these games.


Gameplay 8.5 Singleplayer 8.5
Story N/A Multiplayer N/A
Graphics 8 Unlockables / Secrets 7
Sound 8.5 Replay Value 8
Overall Score