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Mega Man ZX Quick Review

(Please note this is an old review adapted to our current system)
(The following review was made by a guest reviewer. This means that the N Masters staff has authorized this person's review and/or the person accepted sharing it with us.)

I can still safely say that Rockman ZX is the best experience I've gone through, in both gameplay, music, exploration and cameos, despite the Toru Nakayama artwork that many isolated fans of Rockman seems to dislike.

I mean, this game even has the Rush Roadstar and Red Striker from Battle & Chase in it as cameo and the holy grails from the classic series: The fabled E Tank and W Tank. :D

The exploration definately feels like any of the late Castlevania and pretty much all the 2D Metroids that has come out, because the whole game focuses on one big map, as opposed to multiple levels that we've seen in Original, X and Zero series in the past. So yes, all the game's areas are joint together and can be reached with the use of different Live Metals and through teleporters found in different spots. And yes, you need to get to the different areas yourself the first time, rather than being teleported to them right away once you choose a Mission. This is definately what the Zero series should've been.

The only ranking that exists is how well you perform on the 8 maverick bosses, since that only affects how much weapon energy your Live Metal will gain when you get it, but you can still upgrade that meter at the Laboratory with Energy Crystals even if you accidentily hit the maverick's red spots a few times, so in short, you CANNOT make mistakes in this game similar to this event: OMG I FORGOT TO PICK UP THAT ITEM AND I CANT GET IT ANYMORE!!111!!111

This is as successful as Rockman X1, and I stand by my words here. The gameplay is very similar to it, in which there are Life Ups (Heart Tanks in your world) scattered all over the different areas of the game, and 4 Sub Tanks as well, and they won't degrade you whatsoever. And you also get Useable Recovery Items (Item A), Equipable Items such as Quick Charge(Item B) and Key Items that lets you access new areas, etc (Item C).

In all, this game is more of a Action/Adventure/Exploration game. Almost like a 2D Legends, BUT with Zero and X series characters and elements. (laughs)

I recommend it to practically everyone.

VixyNyan (Guest)

Gameplay 9.5 Singleplayer 9
Story 9 Multiplayer 5
Graphics 9 Unlockables / Secrets 8
Sound 9 Replay Value 8.5
Overall Score