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Sudoku Gridmaster Review

(Please note this is an old review adapted to our current system)
(The following review was made by a guest reviewer. This means that the N Masters staff has authorized this person's review and/or the person accepted sharing it with us.)

You hadn't enough with the Sudoku of Brain Age? well then here comes the new game Sudoku Gridmaster.
it is a Simple Game consists only of a Quick Tutorial and Full Sudoku, at turning on the game, you got a loading stage, this is kind of weird in this type of games, then you have to touch the screen to continue.

Tutorial, this is consists of a menu with the following options.
Controls: Were you are explained how to wrrite the numbers, erease numbers, undo, redo options and "save and exit"
About Sudoku: here you are explained with the rulez, the basic sudoku rulez
Tips: basic tips of how to manage and discover the results of the sudoku
Temp numbers: which are the small numbers wrriten on each corner of the box as a guidleness
Useful Tools:which are extra controsl for an easy play, such as the highlightening of all the same numbers, rows or columns.

Start, in this menu, is where you can play all the sudoku puzzles you want you have many many of them, you will never end them, you can choose among 5 different levels,
Practice: containing 10 different puzzles, this is mainly to get used to the game, are the most esay sudoku puzzles in the game, but dont get confident too soon they are quite challenging. in this mode you have assistance tips and help, you are noticed when you have a wrong anzwer.
Then comes easy mode, you can start this ones, when you know the controls, the rulez and you can manage all the puzzles alone, in here you will have no help at all, here you have 80 different sudoku puzzles to solve, they all are easy, but as i said befere don't get too confident.
In normal mode you have 190 different puzzles this are more difficult, obiously, in here you have to be prepared to challenge more difficulties, you have to think more and use your brain at... lets say 80% so dont loose any before continuing.
Hard mode, the most difficult Sudoku puzzles are found here, you have 120 different puzzels to be solved by you, you have to be an expert, have the sense of cuantity, and remember all the numbers you have wrrote, your 100% is needed here, all this puzzles help your prefrontal cortex of your brain, sudoku develops it and make you better when analyzing.
Finally comes the rank test, at the begining, you have nothing to do here because all choices are locked, as you solve your sudoky puzzles they'll unlock, you have here, Bronze Rank Test, Silver Rank Test, Gold Rank Test and Platinium Rank Test, this are like proves that you can advance, that you are really learning something trough this Sudoku Gridmaster game.

Graphics, well nothing of the other world, the background is color blue and is conformed of lightblue moving question marks, quite relaxing if you ask me, there are many colors used, you can fell armony among them, used properly, everything well arranged. when solving a puzzle you can choose 1 of 3 available color options for background.

Sound, the intro music is a lovely song called Swan Lake, you enjoy hearing the song, completetely mp3 sound, ten the music changes into somethinng that is like the music of Super Mario 64 in the 3th world Jolly Roger Bay, when solving a sudoku puzzle you can choose 1 of the 3 available options.

Gameplay, the objective is to solve all the puzzles and to achieve the Platinium Rank Test, as you advance Ranks are unlocked.
the sudoku numbers are not wrriten as in Brain Age, but are automatically made by number buttons in the left side of the puzzle, you have erease number option, redo and undo, very useful if you made a whole scale mistake, by tapping twice a number in the grid all numbers of that one you double tapped are highlighted for an easy view, of when writing a number square, line and row affected are also highlighted, thats also for an easy overview of the game.

I rate this game with a 9, it is entertaining, you have hours of fun, if you like these kind of games, if not you may like it a little graphs music and game play excellent, the missing point is because of the continuity of the game, you could start in advanced mode and it doesnt matter, they missed more unlockeables, winner song, and simple details.

Don't loose the opportunity and get this DS game, Challenging, compact, familiar, what else do you want!?!?!


Gameplay 9 Singleplayer 8.7
Story N/A Multiplayer N/A
Graphics 8.5 Unlockables / Secrets 7
Sound 8 Replay Value 8
Overall Score