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Tetris DS Review

(Please note this is an old review adapted to our current system)

Tetris DS is a great puzzle game. There's something in Tetris games, that even if it's the same basic game from long time ago, it still is adictive and fun. Now Nintendo decided to make the first Tetris for their newest portable console, the DS, and they added even more types of gameplay plus, good ol' NES remixed music.


The controls are good and respond as they should. The new "Hold" feature really helps you make lines and tetris easier. Microphone isn't used, as there really isn't a need for it, and the touchscreen can be used to navigate the menus, and works also for the new "Touch" mode. Any other Tetris DS mode doesn't use the stylus, just the buttons and control-pad.


Rating the graphics in a Tetris game is wierd, anyway, 8-Bit NES graphics will be used for decoration during the game, in the top screen mainly. Tetriminos are all in different colors, so they can't be confused when you have already placed them in your area. The game is very colorful and graphics are good for a puzzle game with retro decoration.


Man... I would seriously rate this higher if I could. Remixed NES games music will be played while your playing. It's very well done and catchy. You'll hear music from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climbers, Donkey Kong, and more. Also, the game includes a sound test, so you can actually hear all of these great music without the need of reaching certain level.


Tetris DS has 6 different gameplay modes for you to enjoy in single-player. First of all, you have the "Standard" mode which is the classical Tetris game. You can either play against a computer or alone and try to get the highest level and score. You also have the "Push" mode, in which you'll play against a computer try to get him to pass-over his red-deadline, before he pushes you into yours. In "Catch" mode, your role with the tetriminos are reversed and now you'll move and rotate the stacked tetriminos, without controlling the falling ones. "Puzzle" mode will give you multiple puzzles to solve with tetrimino. Each puzzle will give a certain amount of garbage stacked tetriminos and 2 to 4 tetriminos to select to be able to completely clean your playing field. In "Mission" mode, you'll not have to simply clean your playing field by making any line possible, instead, you'll have to clear certain specific tasks that will be appearing in the top-screen of your DS. Scenarios in Mission mode may range from making a "double", to making 5 lines using a specific tetrimino. "Touch" mode is the only one that really requires you to use the touchscreen and stylus. You'll have to move tetriminos in a tower of them and clear lines. Your goal is to reach the top of the tetriminos tower.


Up to 10 players locally can play against each other with Tetris DS and up to 4 players via Nintendo WFC. In LAN, you can choose three different game modes to play: Standard, Push, and Mission. Standard is a normal Tetris match but now with Mario-Items, which can help you or punish your opponents. Push is the same as in single-player, only that your now actually competing against another human. In Mission, players compete to see who can complete the most amount of missions. The number of missions is set in the beginning of the game. Also, you can get into teams in Standard mode battles, if players wish to do it. In Nintendo WFC, you will be able to against your friends or against random people from the world. Modes available are Standard 2P, Standard 4P, and Push. The game tracks your amount of Wins and Rate. Your Rate is like your skill, it increases when you win, decreases when you lose.


Besides having to unlock all of the music for the soundtest (Which in my opinion, is easy to do), there is another unlockable to get but isn't really that impressive.

Fun/Reply Value

Music is really good, and you'll want to hear it again and again. Learning how to play the game is easy, though, mastering enough to compete against people in the world will be hard. Also, you can play Puzzle mode is really entertaining and adictive.

Tetris DS is really well done. Puzzle funs should get this game, and I would also recommend it to DS owners.


Gameplay 9 Singleplayer 8.5
Story N/A Multiplayer 8.5
Graphics 9 Unlockables / Secrets 8
Sound 10 Replay Value 8.5
Overall Score