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Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Review

(Please note this is an old review adapted to our current system)
(The following review was made by a guest reviewer. This means that the N Masters staff has authorized this person's review and/or the person accepted sharing it with us.)

The story begins when the S.T.A.R.S. is sent to the mountains of Raccoon City to investigate a series of gruesome killings and the sudden cut of communication with the Bravo Team. The Team you currently start on is the Alpha Team, commanded by Albert Wesker, a tall, blond man wearing black and sun glasses. So the real game begins when ou enter a mansion that was in the mountains because the choppe bringing you here was damaged and you needed shelter.

The screens of this games are divided in the following: Map on the top screen and the gameplay, or character action screen is on the touch or bottom screen. Also depending on the difficulty you chose is the character you can use. In the normal mode, you control Jill Valentine. She has ok strength and a vast inventory space, eight slots. Chris Redfield is the character for the Hard Mode (this is the mode I chose at the beginning), he is for more experienced players, he has only 6 slots, but his strength is second to none. The hard mode is very hard for newcomers, so stick with Jill until you have a grip for it. Since I had played many of these games before I felt confident enough to play with Chris. One disadvantage of this mode is not the battles or the puzzles, especially if you are an expert on this games, but the savingg issues. You get very, very few ink ribbons to be able to save, so every single of them must count.

You start with your knife and a handgun. The knife techniques can be very useful and it is recommended to start practicing a lot to master this skill, it'll prove worthy in terms of survival and ration of bullets. The graphics are quite shocking really, they seem better than the N64 version, maybe even the PS ones. It also comes with a series of unnecessary but well made cinemas that will make you say "wow neat!". The gameplay is similar to the PS2 Outbreak version, although you can always access knife holding L to ahieve the stance. Another thumbs up of this game is the re-birth version. The new puzzles will now have touch screen interaction! Yes some puzzles can only be solved using the touch pad. Some monsters who I have seen (since I've not passed the game yet) and are official are: Zombies(duh), Killer Bees, Crows, Zombie Dogs, Giant Spiders, Hunters, and Giant Snakes. This last ones can prove to be quite vicious since they are venomous. The first time I saw it you do not have way to ciure it, but you get help from a member of the Bravo Team:  Rebecca, which you use to bring a serum back to Chris. There's other players ou will take control of during any mode.

Now, the foes. The zombies have grown to be quite dummer as the are predictable to avoid. Yet some cling to narrow hallways so they can be quite a danger. Although they have been made dummier, they make it up for their srength boost. Now they are very strong and will kill you quite faster than any other RE. The Hunters are another group which caught my attention. You need at least 2-3 shotguns blasts right in front of the face to kill them. From afar you need about 5-6 and guns well....don't try them, they wont even blink in front of them. They were made a tid bit weaker though, although they kicked in some new tricks I had never seen a Hunter do, like a Kamikaze Jump!

I have just encountered 4 weapons in the ame so long: Knife, Handgun, Shotgun, Flamethrower. The knife is ideal for all beasts, but it is an adquired skill, so stick to the handgun unless you are experienced on close combat. The handgun is the all-occasion weapon, being the most common to find bullets of and regular strength and recoil time it is the best weapon suited for newbies and veterans. The shotgun is a very handy weapon, a well placed shot can be-head a zombie in 1 charge. It is very powerful in short range and uite ok for long too, ideal when dealing with more than 1 enemy at a time. The flamethrower, well I'll have to go back on you on another time, because it is currently pressing a lever that keeps me from getting pwned lol. Some cons I'd like to point out is that you cannot drop items. You must put them on your item safe, or when the game tells you an item is no longer needed, you can choose to discard it. So this is why the slots are so valuable, considering you need to slove puzzles/keep yourself healthy/kill when needed, etc.

I will report more when I discover some more about this game. It is also the first RE that can finally skip those boring door scenes when you enter a room.


Gameplay 9 Singleplayer 9
Story 8.5 Multiplayer N/A
Graphics 9 Unlockables / Secrets 7
Sound 8 Replay Value 7
Overall Score