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Pokemon Battle Revolution Review

Pokémon Battle Revolution, the first Pokémon game on Wii, goes back to the style of the original Pokémon Stadium. This game is the first one that lets you see your new DS Pokémons on full 3D, and also the first Wi-Fi game released on Wii.

The main gameplay of Pokémon Battle Revolution is practically the same as the one Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The Wii Remote's pointer works perfectly as a substitute of the DS's touchscreen, and if you want, you can also control the game with the control pad, with the Wii Remote in horizontal position. As for the rest of the game, there isn't really any more to see, but the other features it has are cool also. You can customize your trainer completely by modifying the clothes it wears and the phrases it says. You can also create your own custom rules and Wi-Fi battles works better than the ones from DS versions.

Visually, the game is really beatiful. All of the trainers and colosseums look really impressive and the game does support widescreen. Sadly though.. the Pokémons do suffer a bit, specially the first-gen pokémons.

The music of the game is really good. Sad thing is that some of the music is recycled from Pokémon Colosseum and that the soundtrack is short. But the new tracks are nice to hear and set the mood for the battle you're currently having.

Several colosseums to challenge, each with different rules and different trainers. Some of the trainers you'll meet will battle in an interesting way, often using specific stratergies based on hold-items or attacks that modify the status of pokémons or the conditions of the battle.

The game supports up to two players simultaneous, either locally or via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. The limit of two players in local mode is somewhat dissapointing, since Pokémon Stadium 2 did supported up to four players, and that was before double-battles were even invented. But it's nice to see that there's complete Wi-Fi support for battles, for friends or with anyone. Rules are fixed on the random Wi-Fi mode, but in Friends you can select one of your custom sets of rules. Overall, multiplayer works as fine as it should. And there's even support for battles using the DS as controllers.

There's a good set of unlockables in this game, from obvious stuff like new colosseums with its new set of rules, to new exclusive pokémons that you can get for your DS version.

Replay Value
With Wi-Fi, unlockables, and colosseums that increase in level each time you beat them, you'll probably be playing this game for a good while.

Overall, the game is a pretty good option to get. But remember that to get most out of the game, you'll need to have a DS version of Pokémon. It's like playing Perfect Dark with or without an Expansion Pak.


Gameplay 8 Singleplayer 8
Story N/A Multiplayer 8
Graphics 9.5 Unlockables / Secrets 9
Sound 8.5 Replay Value 9
Overall Score