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Mario Kart Wii Review

Before a Mario Kart was even announced for the Wii, Mario Kart Wii could have very well been a number one game on everyone's wish list.  A Mario Kart was both waited and anticipated for the Wii.  And then it was done.  From being officially announced, to the present day, MKW is a number one favorite.  The addition of a new control for this game made it only hyped about the more.  As well as new characters, courses, vehicles, and Wi-Fi play, that gives it it's bountiful fun.

Game play

With MKW, game play is without a doubt, pretty innovative this time around.  The controls with the Nunchuk and Wii Remote, are pretty simple.  It's one accelerate button; basic "Z" button for launching items, and "B" for brake.  The Wii Wheel is more sensitive however.  While the basic button rules apply, it does pick up very easily the moves of the player.  Both controller choices are very smooth and play well.  Not only is it easy to get a hold of the basics pretty quick, but it is also very fun.  With a quick shake of the Wii Remote, tricks are done with perfection.  And the quick "pull up" of the Wii Remote will give any player using a bike, a clear wheelie.  The Wii Wheel can be a bit difficult at first, but after enough plays, it is easily grasped.  And without a doubt, Wii Wheel is a must try.


Graphics this time around have greater amounts of detail in color, appearance, and sharpness.  Most of the tracks look very smooth and detailed; and have been upgraded from old.  And some tracks that were brought over from the DS Mario Kart, have been made to look much better with the Wii's power.  Overall, graphics were made good for the game.  Even though some parts may lack a bit of "pop", for some gamers.


Sound in MKW is fittingly perfect.  For each course, the sound track to go along with it always fits perfectly.  Sound is neatly done and has a colorful atmosphere to it.  And even gives you the, "time to win", feeling, during the 3rd and final lap as the tune speeds up a bit.  Beautiful music, that creates fun moods while playing.

Single Player

Single Player is rather simple, yet really fun.  There are several upon several activities to keep a single player playing.  There is the Grand Prix, which gives a rank up depending on how well you have raced, starting and proceeding as follows; D, C, B, A.  Then either 1, 2, or 3 star(s).  The higher the rank, the better the players stat as a Mario Kart Wii player.  Time Trial run which gives your personal best time against expert ghosts.  And then there is basic casual play in Battle, or a VS race alone.  Which is just casually fun and playful.

Multi player

Multi player is great fun with this Mario Kart!  Local multi player is fun, where you can race against any friend or family to see who can place best, and is still heaps of fun.  But IMO, because MKW supports Wi-Fi, multi player just took a whole new step in awesome.  The activities and fun in a Wi-Fi battles can be fantastic.  From the basic rules of racing a VS race, to the Battles.  There is also monthly tournaments held by Nintendo, that any fan can play.  But the fact that Wi-Fi is supported in this game, makes playing anyone around the world just awesome!  As you can choose to play either VS/Battle with people nationally or worldwide.  Highly recommended that Wi-Fi play with multi player is actually tried first.


There is enough and a lot to reward you with in playing MKW.  With playing the Grand Prix, you are rewarded with new characters and vehicles.  Which have been quite exciting to find out.  Then there is the gift of having your Mii join in on the fun of MKW.  And even wearing Mario's outfit for the guys, and Peach's dress for the girls, after successfully completing all Time Trial runs.

Replay Value

Mario Kart Wii has more than enough reasons and activities to keep any gamer coming back.  Even the newest gamers will find it hard not to see the fun in this game.  And even after completing all tasks, getting that 3-star rank, playing via Wi-Fi is always a go.  Or simply playing random Battles.  It goes without saying that MKW is at its finest in keeping place as a number one game to keep playing.

To wrap it up, Mario Kart Wii is a fantastic addition to the Mario Kart franchise.  With the collection of wide options and the online play, MKW definitely has more than enough reasons to keep playing and replaying the game.  If one should not already own a copy of this game, it is highly recommended that you pick one up!


Gameplay 9 Singleplayer 9
Story N/A Multiplayer 9.5
Graphics 8.8 Unlockables / Secrets 8
Sound 9 Replay Value 9.2
Overall Score