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bit Generations: Boundish Review

(Please note this is an old review adapted to our current system)

Boundish is part of the first set of Bit Generations games for Gameboy Advance. These titles have very simple ideas but are entretaining and fun. Boundish is a collection of games, all based on Pong.


The controls are really simple and easy to learn. You mostly use the control pad to move and some modes use the A Button Everything reacts as they should.


Simple graphics made based on the age of NES. Everything in the game is colorful and made with different and simple geometrical shapes.


There is almost no music during gameplay, only on the menus, but the sounds that are used on the gameplay are fine and fit the game.


There are different modes, all based on Pong but with extra twists added to the original game.


All the modes were you competed against the CPU are also available in 2 players mode.

Fun/Reply Value

Boundish will be fun during some while, but its fun can end quickly even if you have someone to play with.

Bit-Generation games are short, simple and fun. They can be easily picked up and played right from the start and the controls are easy. If you have some extra money and not planning to buy anything soon, I would recommend you to import these games.


Gameplay 8 Singleplayer 7.5
Story N/A Multiplayer 8
Graphics 8 Unlockables / Secrets 0
Sound 7.5 Replay Value 6.5
Overall Score