(Please note this is an old review adapted to our current system)

Dotstream is part of the first set of Bit Generations games for Gameboy Advance. These titles have very simple ideas but are entretaining and fun. Dotstream is a racing game between different colored lines.


Simple and good, the controls are easy to learn. With the control-pad you just move either up or down. The only button used is the “R” which is used for activating a turbo-boost that are limited by the amount of retries you have in each course.


Simple graphics made based on the age of NES. Everything in the game is made with lines, except for text. The racers are different colored lines which look nice, and the course is colored different than the lines so that there’s no confusion and still look similar with the rest of the game.


Music and sounds really match with the game and it’s somewhat catchy at times.


The modes available are Campaign, Spot Race, and Formation. Campaign is the main mode of the game in which you compete in Cups to get the most points at the end of each set of races. Getting first place is the only way to progress to the next cup. Spot Race lets you choose any course that you have already raced in Campaign mode. You can beat your best times in this mode but not unlock next courses, even if get first place. Formation is a completely different mode. In this one you don’t race, but you control all of the lines simultaneously and try to survive to get the highest score. You’ll also need to grab little dots that will be scattered around the infinite course.


Sadly, this game doesn’t have any multiplayer mode.


The unlockables in this game aren’t very exciting but aren’t bad either. You get more Cups to race on as you get 1st places on Campaign mode and also more formations possible for the mode with the same name.

Fun/Reply Value

Dotstream will be fun for a while until you complete it. After that, you may probably pick it up to play some races, thanks to how simple, quick, and fun the gameplay is.