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Poe Guide

All poes should be searched for at night, with the exception of the dungeons, Cave of Ordeals, and hidden grottos. In Link’s human form, each poe can be spotted by the blue lantern it holds, but only in Link’s beast form can it be destroyed. After collecting 20 or more poes, Jovani will reward you with a bottle of the Great Fairy’s Tears. Collecting the 60 will get you a reward of 200 rupees. From then on, Jovani’s cat will then grant you 200 rupees any time you talk to him. After all poes are destroyed, Jovani can be found at Telma’s bar.

To get back to Jovani’s house, go to the central square of Castle Town, then go down the south road. Take the first road on the left. In this “back ally,” and on the right, will be his house. (In the front of the house will be a bunch of cats that gather). Use Wolf Link and his senses to find a spot to dig into on the right side of the house.

The Poes:

1) - Your first poe is pretty much on the way. On your journey to Hyrule Castle again, he is found in Jovani’s house. Really isn’t hard to miss.

2, 3, 4, 5) - Four poes are found in Arbiter’s Grounds. They are part of one of the tasks for the dungeon.

Faron Province:

6) Faron Woods - This poe is lurking in the Poisonous Swamp. Using Midna and Wolf Link, jump across the platforms to come across him.

7) Sacred Grove - This poe can be found up on a stump. Look for an area with a small pool of water, and a waterfall. To get him, head behind this waterfall.

8) Sacred Grove - Go to the area where you first had to beat the Skull Kid, (for access to the Master Sword). Blow up the boulder in the middle of this area, and a poe should expose itself.

9) Sacred Grove - In the area that you obtained the Master Sword, you’ll find this poe.

10) Hyrule Field – As soon as you leave Faron woods, head for the small bridge above a small stream of water straight ahead. A poe can be found lurking in this area.

Eldin Province:

11) Kakariko Village - A poe can be found floating around, up above Barnes’ bomb shop, near the wreckage of the house that you had to blow up earlier on as Wolf Link.

12) Kakariko Village - This next poe can be found going up a bit more from the ruins of the house. Up near the watch tower, (where Talo now keeps watch) he’ll be right in front of the door to the watch tower.

13) Kakariko Village - Head to the graveyard behind the village sanctuary. This poe will be floating around here.

14) Kakar iko Village - There is another poe in the graveyard. Open up a gravestone to revel him.

15) Death Mountain - Start heading up Death Mountain, and head over to the second Goron you see. Use him to toss you up to the cliff right of where he stands. Up on this cliff will be a poe.

16) Kakariko Gorge - Coming out of Kakariko Village, after crossing the bridge, head to your left, up a hill. Here you should find a poe wandering around a tree up on this hill.

17) Kakariko Gorge - After collecting the above poe, head now to the opposite side of where you are. Look for a boulder along the wall. Blow it up to revel a hidden lantern cavern. (Make sure that your lantern is full) Searching this hidden lantern cavern completely, you should stumble upon him.

18) Hidden Village - Entering the hidden village, look left to spot this poe on the upper front balcony. Use a net that is hanging from the same platform he’s on; and use your clawshot to bring yourself up to him.

19) Hyrule Field - Take the Great Bridge of Hylia from Lanayru to Faron Province. Looking at your map now, after you have crossed the bridge, and made that stretch of the land, this poe will be up on a high ledge on the southwest wall, to your left. (This ledge will be before you take some twists and turns to get into Faron). Use your bomb arrows to blow up a few boulders and then use the clawshot pads that are reveled to get up to him.

Lanayru Province

20, 21, 22) Lake Hylia - These three poes are found in another lantern cavern. On your map, a howling stone can be located in the southeast part of the lake. Climb up to the howling stone, (as soon as you come up from the ladder, the howling stone should be on your left). Look in the opposite direction of the stone; you should spot a boulder in the wall, just as in Kakariko Gorge. Blow up this boulder to revel this cavern. Search the cavern completely to find them all!

Also, before entering, be sure to have enough oil in your lantern and some, (if not all) empty bottles because this one is much longer. There will be some yellow chu chus inside that you can use as refills if you need to as well.

23) Lake Hylia - Playing the Flight-by-Fowl game atop Lake Hylia, float down to the floating platform in the middle of the lake. A poe is waiting on one of the lower platforms.

24) Lake Hylia - Coming out of the Spirits cave, head left, until you come to some patch of land. A poe wanders around here. (On your map, he’s in the west area of Lake Hylia).

25) Lake Hylia - Use the warp portal to warp to the lake, then turn around to see several platforms. Jump across them to get to a poe that is on the land to the back.

26) Lake Hylia - If you go to the lookout tower, where Auru was, (the one that helped you get to the=2 0desert) there is a poe floating around at the base of this tower.

27) Lake Hylia - To find your last poe here, go back up to the Flight-by-Fowl game challenge. After getting about half way down, make a U-turn to spot a small platform sticking out of the wall under the game house. Your poe will be here.

28) Zora’s Domain - Warp to the Zora Domain throne room. Upon leaving the throne room, jump down the waterfall. Swim to your right to the area where you had to catch a reekfish. A poe can be found up on the little hill here. (A Golden Bug should also be near).

29) Zora’s Domain - Head over to where the entrance to Snowpeak is. Using Wolf Link and Midna, jump up a little ways until you’re behind the main waterfall to find your poe.

30) Zora’s River - Coming out of Zora’s Domain and into Zora’s River, to your left is a small grassy hill. On it, you’l l spot a poe.

31) Hyrule Field - In the land north of Hyrule Castle, there is a stone bridge. On this bridge will be a poe.

32, 33) Hyrule Field - In the same area as your poe above, head to the western part of the land until you come upon two trees. In between these two trees should be a patch of dirt. Use Wolf Link and his senses to dig in a capture your two poes inside.

34) Hyrule Field - Going through Castle Town, use the western exit to find a poe out on the bridge here.

35) Hyrule Field - Go through Castle Town again, exit now through the south. Here, near the pool of water will be another to capture.

36) Hyrule Field - Going through Castle Town once more, exit now through the east. Coming out to this field, head to the path farthest to your right. Th is path will lead you to the ruined stone lookout. Here, in the same area that you found a statue for Shad will be a poe.


37) Gerudo Mesa - Use Fyer’s cannon blast to send you flying to the Gerudo Mesa. After landing, start heading to your right, you should catch sight of a poe in the distance on a small platform.

38) Gerudo Mesa - In the enemy encampment, head over to where you had to battle King Bulblin, (and afterwards where he temporarily trapped you in by fire). Here can be found a poe around the place where you fought him.

39) Gerudo Mesa - Before you enter the temple of Arbiter’s Grounds, to your right is a poe floating about.

40) Gerudo Mesa - In the northwestern most part of the desert, there is platform with a tree on top. Use your clawshot and hook the tree to get up onto the platform, and up to your poe.

41, 42) Gerudo Mesa - In the same spot as the poe above, use Wolf Link’s senses to dig into an underground grotto to find these two poes.

43) Gerudo Mesa - Now head to the southeastern most part of the desert, to the spot where the missing piece of the Bridge of Eldin was. (If you have not yet brought back the missing piece to the bridge, do so, then after, warp back to the Gerudo Mesa). Around where the missing piece was should be a poe wandering about.

44, 45, 46) Cave of Ordeals - These three can be found in the Cave of Ordeals. In the same spot as above, and after collecting the poe, simply go down the stairs that lead to this cave.

You will have need all of your quest items in order to get through the cave completely. If/when you obtain the double clawshot; you’ll then be good to go!

47) Gerudo Mesa - Back at the Gerudo Mesa, head to the beginning of the path that leads to the enemy encampment. (You should not be in the enemy encampment itself!) Head down the path to your right, (don’t take any other turns) just continue following this path until it leads to a dead end. Here is where your poe lurks.

Snowpeak Mountain:

48) Snowpeak - Upon going up the mountain, you should come across some large rocks. This poe is hiding about these rocks.

49) Snowpeak - This poe will be on the first cliff up the mountain. Entering Snowpeak Moun tain, and after jumping the pieces of ice in the water, look up and to the right to see a lone tree in the distance. Start heading up for it, keeping an eye on the tree as you go up the steep slope. After heading up the steep cliff, take a right to get to this tree and to the poe.

50) Snowpeak - After climbing up a bit more, if you take a left at the next “y,” in open an area with a couple of trees, is your poe, along with some bat keese.

51) Snowpeak Cave - Once you dig into the cave, a poe is hiding in the right boulder of ice that you’ll see. You will need the Ball and Chain to get him out and capture him.

52) Snowpeak - After snowboarding down the hill against the Yeto, (or alone) turn around, and you should see a hill to the right. Head over there, as Wolf Link and start going up the winding pathway that will lead up to a poe on top. Be careful not to fall off while battling him though.

Snowpeak Ruins:

53) - In this temple, you will find your first poe in the middle of the foyer. It won’t be hard to miss.

54) - Your next poe will be found in a room that is all ice. On the second floor, head to the southwest room. Against one of the walls should be some chunk of ice to break with the Ball and Chain, after which a poe, (along with some keese), will revel itself.

55) - The last poe is back at the entrance, you will need the Ball and Chain to get to him too. As soon as you enter, to your left and right will be suits of armor. Smash open a middle one to revel a poe.

Temple of Time:

56) - You will find you’re first poe here after you pass through the doors from the Sacred Grove to the entrance to the Temple of Time. In this room, coming down the stairs, take a U-turn to your right. Using the Dominion Rod, move the owl statue that you see to let this poe out, then take him down.

57) - Now head to the third floor, the room with the huge rotating platform in the middle. Head to the east side of the room. You should come to a yellow gate that a poe is behind. Bring one of the small statues atop the walls on either side of the gates, and hit the switch behind the gate to let the poe out.

58) - On the sixth floor is your next poe. It’s the room with the large scale against a wall. Use the scale, and with the small statues, make one side bring you up as high as it can go. Use your clawshot to hook onto a clawshot pad in the middle of the ceiling, and then walk the path to some spinner tracks on the wall. With these tracks, head left, and it will bring you around to a platform that a poe waits at.

City in the Sky:

59) - In an outer area on the third floor is your first poe here. Use the flying plants above, hook on with your clawshot to get you over two walls. Now look to the south, to an open area where you should see another flying plant above nearing you. Hook onto this plant that will bring you to another small lone area. Drop down, and here your poe lurks.

60) - Now head to the fourth floor. In the outer area of where you obtained the Boss Key, a poe is waiting atop a platoform. Use some wall vines and the tightropes to get you over to him. But be careful not to fall off the edge when trying to capture him. Finish him off and you’ll have completed your poe hunt!